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Por motivos variados, este post será em inglês. Peço desculpas aos que não compreendem a língua bárbara dos anglo-saxões, mas são realmente motivos de força maior. Voltaremos a nossa programação normal a seguir.


Someone in Amazon has shit for brains and decided to exclude "adult content" from their best-seller lists, so they went and excluded anything remotely connected to adult content from the sales ranks, which made all these books unsearchable.

The worse? It's not only adult content. It's romance, YA novels, biographies, history books, anything ever tagged with something remotely sexual. Anything GBLTQ. And these books can't be found by willing costumers, be them adults or whatever.

See where something needs to be done?

Ok, then this is what's being done. I'm just gonna quote the girls at Smart Bithes, Trashy Books. They say it better.

It’s time to hit ‘em where it hurts. No, not a boycott. When you want someone to pay attention, you hit ‘em in the PR.

It’s Google Bomb Time!

All you have to do is link the term Amazon Rank to the page [http://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/amazonrank]. And let's hope those bloody stupid bastards at Amazon do something about it.

3 comentários:

  1. bah que sacanagem com os leitores tupinikin

  2. É um fato momentâneo. E, depois, eu realmente espero que pessoas que não lêem em inglês não saiam por aí comprando coisas na Amazon. O_o

  3. Anônimo1:48 AM

    Hm... hahahaha
    O incrivel eh q eu jah vi pessoas usando as expressoes Amazon-me


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